I first got to play with NCSA Mosaic on a Series 700 workstation running hp-ux back in 1993.  A couple of years later, we were using mostly Netscape on Windows 95 , on a Pentium based HP Vectra PC.

And it was on these machines that I first got to go gaga over what Yahoo offered – an easier way to get to content I had previously used text-based usenet readers or a compuserve dial-up to access. Yahoo back then was an online directory that revealed wonders, a guide to what was new and cool on the web…..   more than just a yellow pages for the internet.

Over the years, yahoo would swallow up a huge number of web properties, acquire lots of services, get deep into advertising, fail to buy Google, resist a buyout by Microsoft, and now end up in the sorry state of having most of it’s value to investors being in it’s stake in Alibaba.


One of the better pieces I’ve read lately about Yahoo fall from grace:
Techcrunch: Platform change, the Yahoo-slayer