I’ve just posted a new page on installing and using UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) 9.1 on a HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition.

As the name suggests, UNR is designed to run on netbooks, accounting for the typically smaller screen sizes and less powerful CPUs than full featured notebooks.  You can read more about UNR at Canonical’s page here.

I’m impressed with UNR’s speed and interface design.  Were I to have Vista or even Win7 (which is far better performing than Vista), I would quickly disable unneeded services and visual effects in order to have a lean and snappy OS.  Ubuntu has done the tuning work for me with UNR – and with large tabs and icons, makes for an easy navigation and launching experience.  The Hp Mini’s screen is lovely – web pages appear sharp, bright and clear.  Despite the comparatively small vertical resolution (600 pixels), reading PDFs or email did not bring about the rapid onset of eyestrain.  Such reading was actually quite comfortable.

The new page post is part of a series – I’ve been documenting setup instructions for previous versions of Ubuntu (I never got round to documenting my experiences with SUSE or Mint or Jolicloud because I never fell in love enough with these OSes to use them for more than a month) on HP Laptops, and this latest post has the fewest “extra” setup steps to take once the install program has rebooted the machine into Ubuntu for the first time.

I still do have preferences that call for some slight tweaks and application installs, but these are simple in comparison with the very early days of simply getting wireless adaptor drivers loaded, or to get Google Toolbar bookmarks appearing properly in Firefox.

Ubuntu, with it’s Karmic Koala release has come a long way, and UNR is highly usable and highly recommended if you have an Atom based netbook and want decent performance and security from it.

If reading this far has you wanting to read the page post, click here.