It’s easy to have more user accounts for various web services and sites than one can readily recall and easily manage.  For the most part, I’ve been relying on to keep a record of my accounts, user names and passwords.  It’s a simple enough system, and has proven extremely useful in recalling the login & password info for  frequent flyer programs, banking sites, FTP sites, Forum memberships,  for my router, PC BIOS setup screens, online brokers, social networking sites, blog sites ……

Google has now made it so much easier to manage and get a high-level view of the multiple services of theirs that I’ve subscribed to.  The service is called Google Dashboard, and though not complete (Google Maps, for example, is not integrated yet) provides oodles of information about my many properties in the googleverse.

There was another product that had the name Dashboard that came out ages ago.

Back in the days of Win3.1 (around 1993), HP started preinstalling on their Vectra Desktop PCs a program called HP Dashboard.  This was a task bar based application launcher.  It was very neat, and very useful – it beat making one’s way through Microsoft’s Program Manager windows to hunt down the application file one wanted to launch.  These were the days where one opened the program before opening the data file from within.  HP’s New Wave was already out then, offering conveniences that were unique then, but that we take for granted today in the world of post Win9x and OSX, but in comparison, Dashboard had a much lower resource footprint and didn’t mask off Windows the way NewWave did.   Those were also the days where one had to be a bit of a wizard at loading device drivers into spare slots of RAM between 640K and 1M, so that there’d be enough free RAM in the precious space up to 640K for apps to run in.  Here’s a link to more information and links about HP Dashboard.  Dashboard was later sold to Starfish Software, which was started by Philippe Khan of Borland fame.  Nokia now owns the rights to Starfish’s technology.