My podcast listening categories tend to be around tech and business.  I’ve just been compelled to add another podcast to my list.  Peter Day’s World of Business, a program you can catch on the BBC World Service, is readily accessible from the iTunes podcast directory.  It’s all business, of course, but often with a tech slant.  Last week, it was an interview with John Chambers.  This week, there’s no tech, but still about a “recent” trend that will reshape business –  fair trade.  peterday-wob

If you are an iTunes user like me, fire up iTunes and go to the iTunes store.  Type the following in the search bar:

podcast bbc peter day

If you’re not on itunes, you can go directly to the worldbiz podcast page on the BBC’s website.

Be warned – you can only get the latest episode so check in regularly or risk missing a program.

Strongly recommended.

Incidentally – my podcast listening life is not all work and no play.  If you’d like a bit of entertainment, there’s a new podcast from Shareen Wong and Joe Augustin – they’re now doing with podcasts what they used to do on their morning radio show, sans songs and sans station management censorship.  You’ll find the episodes listed on their morning jam website.