0-yes….and he did.  With a campaign that made excellent use of the internet, social media and email to raise funds and to inspire/organise/mobilise supporters.  There was a lot of creativity and energy in the youtube videos, the eDMs, the viral campaigns.  This was e-marketing at it’s finest.  This was web2.0 put at the service of something that became more than a mere US presidential election.

At some point in time, all of us have been guilty of thinking and speaking ill of another simply because of that person’s race, gender, nationality, family background, economic status, age, physical appearance, social standing, dressing, education level, manner of speaking (in short, anything that makes “us” different from “them”)……  We never had a good excuse to do that.  And we have even less of one now.

Today, humanity experienced a growth spurt in it’s journey towards becoming a more enlightened species.  His election sends ripples out into our collective consciousness, and it’s biggest effects will be below the surface, under the skin, where change is most needed.

Watch the victory speech in video on the BBC’s website (I like the bit about a new puppy in the white house)