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April 2008

Obama’s “Thank You for your Donation” Page

Read a great posting on a Marketing Sherpa blog post by Anne Holland. It mentioned Barack Obama’s thank you page. Once the donor has completed the donation transaction, he/she is treated to a youtube video that’s designed to inspire and reinforce their action. It’s a great video – it leaves one with a “we’re one people with one cause” kind of feeling. To help the video go along it’s viral way, the page displays a prominent “tell a friend” box. This is the link to the page with video and tell a friend block.  This is in stark contrast to many websites where after you’ve posted your query or completed your purchase, you’re left staring at the webpage equivalent of a blank wall in a blind alley.


Prezo at Total Care Event, Singapore (Apr08)

The most recent total care event in Singapore was held last friday, 25th April, at Raffles City. I brought JenMei along, and she stayed till just after 9am when she had to leave for work via MRT. She knew the function area well because of the conference she helped with while working at IE Singapore, and showed me a great place to get some quiet for finishing up my slideset. We chose a topic for my talk that tied in to the the kind of business our customer speaker (Jacelyn Tay) owned (The Health Club). The Health Club is a business that brings western and eastern techniques into play. Jacelyn has done well for herself and is no stranger to internet marketing – you will find that both have good web presences – a wikipedia entry for herself as well as a number of fan and business media postings, and a link to a YouTube advertisement for The Health Club.
The HP talk was built around the analogy of a fitness and health program for a SMB company’s IT Systems, and comprised:

  • Fitness – Building PC, Server and Printer Strength and Endurance
  • Hygiene – Practices and Education for keeping bad things out
  • Building a strong Immune System – resilience against bad things that do manage to get in
  • Having the right insurance coverage and planning for contigencies

The talk closed with a list of first things to do to a new PC/Server, then Weekly, Monthly and Annual maintenance tasks.

It was fun working with the media corp people – being able to put faces to familiar voices on the radio was such a joy.

This is a link to the Singapore Total Care campaign page. Apart from information on the events, there’s a link for the radio snippets – which includes one that I recorded.

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